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The Lithuanian politicians have come on a confession to ecclesiastics

Kaunasky bishopric on Tuesday has organised a meeting with representatives of 12 political parties of Lithuania on which priests led by archbishop Sigitasom Tamkjavichjusom were interested in sights of politicians a subject   as protection of a traditional family, reform of education, protection of children against alcoholism, struggle against poverty, preservations cultural and a religious heritage and other.

Interested c   churches also   questions of return of their property.

Politicians have amicably supported in   all ecclesiastics, but here for an interdiction of abortions voiced only the party leader Young Lithuania to Stanislovas Bushkjavichjus. It on a broader scale has proved the orthodox defender   national foundations, having equated cosmopolitism distribution at school to a moral genocide of the people.

It was supported by the representative of the party the Order and justice Valentinas Mazuronis who has suggested to accept the program of national pride.

in struggle against children`s alcoholism Sotsial - the democratic union   has suggested to present the Most original idea; - to nationalise alcoholic branch, informs   information   a portal   news. penki. lt.