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In mounts of Norway the first snow

On a calendar behind a window a heat of autumn, but, as it is known, at the nature own calendar has dropped out. Acknowledgement to that is a today`s snowfall in mounts in the south of Norway. This night air temperature has sharply gone down, pressure has fallen, and snow has soon gone. The pall height on some sites has made 10 the great number   see

This week; Norwegians spend in mounts as almost at all schools annual autumn vacation has begun. Many having a rest planned to wander on mounts and to hunt, enjoying autumn landscapes, but today`s morning has appeared on - to the present winter.

Since morning snow-ploughs had to clear quickly highway 40 which passes through a place of Dagalifelet.

Snow has strewn lightly also mounts where there is a ski resort of Hemsedal. Within last nights the soil strongly froze slightly, and since morning on roads there was a terrible ice - has told working in Hemsedale Hilda Hegen.   She has informed that on Wednesday morning the temperature was zero, and in a valley there was a snow.

According to to the schedule the ski season here should open 14 - go November. But if conditions allow, the season will begin earlier.

On resorts of Strandafelet   and Gaustablik   also there was a snow this week and, under forecasts of weather forecasters, snowfalls there   will proceed, informs   an information portal norse. ru.