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The program under power savings in the Ulyanovsk region modernise

Acting on October, 2nd on a seminar - training Experience on alternative power in separate regions of Russia and abroad the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov has declared that the program under power savings in the Ulyanovsk region will be modernised.

In seminar work International scientifically - the technical centre, a member of department on a science and the technician of Embassy of Eurocommission the Russian and foreign experts, including the assistant to the chief executive have taken part in the Russian Federation, the academician of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (Stockholm) Vaclav Gudovski, the doctor, the professor of the Swedish University of agrarian sciences Tatyana Stern, the professor, the attache on a science of Embassy of the Italian Republic in the Russian Federation Piero Spillantini.

As Sergey Morozov has noted, development of alternative power is an important component of construction in Russia modern innovative economy.

- At an existing rise in prices for fuel and an electricity of our area the huge disbalance of the budget from - for this growth in the near future threatens. Exits at us two: carefully to spend that we buy for budget money and to replace everywhere where it is possible, delivered fossil fuel on local, renewed sources teploenergii, - the Governor has informed.

According to the head of region, in area territory there are all conditions for development of alternative power. First of all, it vozobnovimye energy sources (a wood, agricultural and household waste) both scientific and technical workings out. For example, it is the realised project of creation of Small HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION on sewage in Ulyanovsk. In agricultural academy ilovyh deposits of treatment facilities technologies of use are developed for cultivation of commercial crops, in common with the Swedish experts offers on the accelerated microbiological processing of a cattle-breeding and poultry-farming waste are developed. Besides, for the purpose of support of similar projects at the initiative of an area management the regional Center of power savings is created.