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Saratovets the drunk man from Rtishchevsky area corrupted juvenile in square

on June, 20th this year tried to achieve caress from children. With such intention it has got three boys in square. Obviously knowing that before it - minors (2000 - go, 2001 - go and 2003 - go years of a birth), he was converted to them with the indecent request. The man has wished, that teenagers have made to it massage: in the beginning on a back, then on a stomach, and further - on a genital.

By data a press - services of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Saratov region, one of boys has made - taki to it back massage, and on the rest juvenile have disagreed. After to the drunk citizen have kneaded a back, that began to show to companions the bared genital.

For depravity juvenile the man has got under court. At judicial session he assured that anything similar did not make, however the state accuser managed to prove fault of the defendant. The public prosecutor focused attention of court on public danger of the given crime made against sexual inviolability and a sexual personal freedom. The Rtishchevsky district court has appointed razvratitelju punishment in the form of 2 years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of a high security.