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Official Tbilisi will represent interests of Georgia to the Russian Federation was converted to Sweden with the request to represent interests of Georgia to the Russian Federation, informs ITAR - TASS referring to the Swedish mass-media.

As the Georgian ambassador   has explained; in Sweden Amiran Kavadze, the different states were ready to help Tbilisi with this question.

But in a case with Sweden it is official inquiry from the Georgian party. Switzerland will represent the Russian interests in Georgia why Sweden cannot represent Georgia to Russia - Amiran Kavadze in interview to the newspaper " has told; Svenska Dagbladet .

we Will remind, Russia and Georgia have broken off diplomatic relations at the initiative of the authorities of Georgia.

Sweden was on the party of Georgia in the conflict round South Ossetia. The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Charles Bildt who considers itself as the close friend of Georgian president Saakashvili, even has written in the personal blog that actions of Russia remind it Hitlerite Germany.

the Russian embassy in Sweden   has acted with the official protest after this record in a blog of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden.