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Yulia Timoshenko: We are ready to market prices of gas

these minutes in Is new - Ogarevo there passes Vladimir Putin and Yulia Timoshenko meeting. In the agenda at prime ministers of Russia and Ukraine questions of power and the WTO. Accepting lady JU, Putin has especially underlined that the present meeting passes in an uneasy situation from - for political crisis in Ukraine in this connection on many arrangements now costs a question sign .

But we recognise that the vital questions will not be reconsidered. It is important not only for citizens of Ukraine, but also Russia - has expressed hope of premieres of the Russian Federation.

I think, we will have enough wisdom and responsibility before our people. I want to tell that for Ukraine Russia - the strategic partner - has assured, in turn, Timoshenko.

Vladimir Putin and a question of deliveries of Georgia of the Ukrainian weapon has not ignored.   It is a pity to us that Ukraine considered possible to deliver arms in a conflict zone. It is a special case, and in such cases of the state behave frostily - the prime minister has underlined. At the same time he has let know that does not want, that these problems disturbed to the decision of questions of economy.

Discussing the further deliveries of gas, the Ukrainian prime minister has confirmed readiness of Kiev for transition to market prices. we have bases to agree about market prices. Time of autumn has come, illnesses " in the autumn become aggravated; - quotes Timoshenko RIA Novosti news agency .  

we Will remind that Ukraine hopes that next year the price of the Russian gas will not exceed three hundred dollars for one thousand cubic metre. Meanwhile head Gazprom Alexey Miller declared earlier that for blue fuel to Ukraine, probably it is necessary to pay on 400 dollars (against present $179,5).