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To hostages « Fainy » hunger

the dry-cargo ship Grasped by pirates " threatens; Faina costs at coast Somalias. The crew has lost the captain - 48 - summer Vladimir Kolobkova. Now onboard 20 hostages, including two seamen from Petersburg - Victor Nikolsky and Anton Tarasov. All are live - are healthy, but there is one problem. The meal comes to an end.

the vessel was attacked by fourteen persons. In it the basic forces in head with the Master were tightened - so all name the leader of pirates. In total now on Faine about forty insurgents.

- And here all this gang guzzles our products, - Victor has told to us. He carries on negotiations with a vessel on behalf of the company Tomeks which employed crew and provided with meal and drink. - two-month stocks will suffice, at the best, on two weeks.

Right after capture in Tomekse have calmed correspondents With hunger the crew precisely will not die.

But such crowd of pirates long not to support, at them perfect appetite. And the products, naturally, they have not brought. And Tomeks has begun to worry.

- Time just barely enough, - is spoken by Victor.   - the question with the repayment or crew clearing should be solved now.