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This year is rich on kids - cancers, lions and goats

In Belarus richest month 2008 on newborns there was a July - on light have appeared 10. 539 kids.

on the second place there was an August - 9. 591 child.

on the third - January - 9. 159 boys and girls.

least this year was born zodiac fishes - February has brought to the country only 8. 368 babies.

as a whole for January - August, 2008 in Belarus were born 71. 282 children - on 2,9 % are more in comparison with the similar period of last year - writes BelTA referring to the deputy chief of central administrative board of a policy of employment and the population of Ministry of Labor Tatyana Shemetovets.

the Expert has noticed that the rates of increase of birth rate marked in last year, are slowed down. More children appears in Minsk, in the Gomel and Grodno areas. The least growth is noted in Vitebsk area.

  - In Belarus birth rate in city district - with a sign plus in rural - with a sign a minus - the interlocutor ascertained. An exception only rural settlements of the Gomel and Mogilyov areas.