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In failure near Borisov were lost three person (video)

Terrible failure has occurred on line 1 near Borisov. The waggon with the empty trailer, coming back of Russia to Brest, has left on a counter strip and has rammed Dodge . In some instants the waggon trailer ran in Opel

- As a result of road accident 2 women who were in a motor vehicle Opel on a scene have died, the driver of the car " also has died; Dodge from the received traumas. Presumably, on versions of the investigation, the collision moment has occurred on a counter lane. The departure reasons are established, - passes words of the chief of branch of GAI Borisovsky RUVD Maxim Vorobeva TV channel ONT.

From passengers Opelja children who were on back sitting have escaped only. Doctors all night long struggled for their lives.

has phoned in hospital in which have operated suffered children:

- They are live, but it is more we than anything we can not inform, - physicians have told to us borisovskie.

Now along with the basic version of failure the additional are developed. For example, under the version of the driver of a trailer, failure in work of the onboard computer could become the collision reason. It is not excluded that the driver of the truck has simply fallen asleep at the wheel.