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Smoljane have presented to Stavropol storks

on October, 4th - the World day of protection of animals. It already three quarters of the century is marked all over the world. In many West European countries pets have the same rights, as well as other members of a family: good meal, medical attendance and even the feasts.
employees of the Smolensk zoo are guided by the same principle. On its base the Rehabilitation centre for wild animals functions. They get to a zoo wounded and weakened, pass rehabilitation and go to National park Smolensk Poozere . Not so long ago a sea eagle - belohvost and a golden eagle have been cured and let out in the nature in zoo territory. The cormorant has been sent in a collection of the Moscow zoo where till now fine feels. The whole group of storks of Smolensk was accepted by the Stavropol zoo. And more recently the hawk - teterevjatnik has got to a zoo absolutely weakened from hunger, has been fed up and let out in the wild nature in a suburb large forest.
inhabitants and visitors of Smolensk can visit an exposition of a zoo and please with delicacies of dumb animals.