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The Union of Right Forces has made the decision on self-dissolution

about what so hearings long went Has come true: the Federal political council of the Union of the right forces has made the decision on party self-dissolution. The committee on formation of new democratic force " is simultaneously created; on the basis of three legal bodies .

After almost three-hour discussion on which all members of political council were voiced, representatives of regions who are not included into political council, the decision on occurrence in the project on creation of new right party " was accepted; - results RIA Novosti news agency Leonid Gozmana`s statement.

we Will remind that earlier from fast of the chairman of the party Nikita Belyh which duties temporarily are executed now by Gozman has left.

Against plans of Union of Right Forces to go on an alliance with Dempartiej Bogdanova and Civil force Barshchevsky one of founders of party Boris Nemtsov sharply acts. Before Union of Right Forces the direct road to full loss of political independence, merge with puppet Kremlin falsh - type parties " has opened; Civil force or DPR, transformations of Union of Right Forces in party in power branch under liberally - a democratic signboard - Nemtsov considers, assuring that further democrats will simply throw out in a recycle bin.

In the answer of Gozman convinces Party members in advance not ostranjatsja from political life of the country and to try to participate in it to the last. a question in, a leah to try, knowing that the chance to lose is rather great, or in advance to refuse any attempts to save party, let and in the transformed kind. I think, it is necessary to try. Instead of it will turn out - will intrigue, will not allow to work - we will leave. But when it will not turn out, instead of earlier - results the answer of the leader right   a site of Union of Right Forces.