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The Security Council of Ukraine insists that Faina carried the weapon to Kenya

the Device of Security Council of Ukraine has acted today with one more statement for the vessel grasped by the Somali pirates Faina . The Security Council insists that tanks, grenade cup discharges and other weapon onboard Fainy intended for Kenya.

This transaction has been concluded according to norms of international law and laws of Ukraine,   and the contract on delivery of tanks and other arms has been concluded by firm Ukrinmash directly with the Republic Kenya Ministry of Defence. And   Kenya does not belong to number of the countries, to which United Nations forbids to deliver the weapon, is told in the statement of the device of Security Council of Ukraine extended today, informs ITAR - TASS.

we Will remind, round the Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko new international scandal inflames. Official Kiev suspect of arms supplies to Africa, but at all Kenya, and Sudanese insurgents.

the Vessel to Africa has sent submitting to the president Ukrspetseksport . To supply Sudan with the weapon it is forbidden to the United Nations and if it is proved after   receptions of waybills on military cargo, the reputation of Ukraine will seriously suffer.

we Will remind, in the evening on September, 25th the Somali pirates have grasped the Ukrainian vessel Faina   in neutral waters near to coast of Kenya. The Ukrainian dry-cargo ship under the flag of Belize transported   military technology, including 33 tanks T - 72, grenade cup discharges, shells   and spare parts for armour.

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