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The parliament has voted for more rigid sanctions against illegal use of budgetary funds

Instead of punishment for an offence as it is nowadays provided. This position contains in the bill of entering of additions in the Criminal code, accepted by parliament in the first reading.

on   to the project, use of money not to destination that leads to considerable losses, will be punished   the penalty to 10 thousand leev   or imprisonment from 1 till 3 years. For the same crime made by several persons with drawing of especially large damage, it is provided     the penalty almost in   12 thousand leev   or imprisonment till 5 years. In both cases the persons made answerable will be deprived the right to take certain posts throughout several years.

Nina Lupan has explained the Deputy minister of the finance to deputies that the punishments provided nowadays for offences are insufficient for bringing to account of heads which use money   the state budget not on   to purpose.

today the parliament has accepted in the first reading a number of amendments in   Executive   the Republic Moldova code. The resolution of Democratic party of Moldova on a crisis situation in the currency market and government economic policy has been rejected by the majority of deputies.