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Businessmen threaten with a massive strike

Individual businessmen (IP) again leave on the area - it was declared by the chairman of the board of public organisation For free development of business (Kiev) Victor Gorbachev on a press - conferences in Minsk - writes on October, 2nd BelaPAN.

It has reminded that on October, 2nd IP celebrate Day of the businessman and the persons working on hiring. For the first time this day they have noted in 2007. Then republican strike IP in which have taken part about 30 thousand persons has been spent. Businessmen have opposed the decree of the president 760 on which since January, 1st, 2008 IP have forbidden to involve hired workers, except for members of a family and near relations.

  then adoption of law about small and average business was one more requirement IP. This day they have passed signatures in the House of Representatives with the request to consider at forthcoming session this law.

- For a year has changed nothing: the law both was not, and is not present. Moreover, conditions of conducting enterprise activity for a year have worsened. The decision 183 which establishes a limit of the general trading extra charge at level of 60 % is accepted, - the leader of enterprise movement has noted.

  Besides, according to Gorbachev, IP stirs a question of cancellation since January, 1st, 2009 of the uniform tax.

- 120 thousand IP since new year stop the activity. In December they cannot pay the tax in tax inspection any more, and New year will meet the unemployed. Therefore we demand till December, 10th to pass the law on small and average business. In case of law nonacceptance, we will repeat all protest actions in that sequence in what they have been organised last year: on December, 10th, on January, 10th and on January, 21st, - the leader of the enterprise organisation has declared.

What for the law it is necessary to businessmen?

Now activity of small and average business is regulated by thousand standard documents. New are accepted almost every day. And businessmen want stability. Want, that their rights have been protected by a certain immutable and powerful certificate.

  the head of working group of Incorporated democratic forces on working out of the bill of Byelorussia About small and average business the Lion MARGOLIN explained to the edition Tomorrow thy country :

- the Bill About small and average business suggests not to limit activity IP by quantity of hired workers. But in concept small-scale business are included IP and legal bodies with number of workers no more than 50 persons and cost of actives for a year not over 60 thousand base sizes. These subjects of managing use the corresponding status and privileges. Except for IP and the enterprises which activity is connected with manufacture and wholesale realisation podaktsiznoj production, carrying out of lotteries, a gaming and etc.

the Bill defines that any standard legal certificate which concerns small and average business, cannot be accepted without participation of representatives of this business.

the bill provides three-year tax exemption again created IP and small enterprises. This norm already effectively operated in so-called ryzhkovskom the law on the cooperation, accepted on a decline of the USSR. It has helped to become quickly on feet to many enterprise structures during those hard times.

the bill includes in system of the state support of small and average business: rendering of the financial help; creation of a network of the centres of support of small business; The organisation of activity business - incubators; transfer to subjects of small business to gratuitous using, rent or the property of not used objects belonging to the state; crediting subsidising

If our bill becomes the law check in and the taxation of subjects of small-scale business will be carried out under the simplified diagramme.