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Putin and lady JU have co-ordinated the memorandum on gas

After negotiations of a premiere of Russia lasting many hours and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Yulia Timoshenko have co-ordinated the intergovernmental memorandum on gas. On the basis of this document the agreement on deliveries of gas to Ukraine will be entered into, informs RIA News .

As a result of very detailed conversation it was possible to leave on the coordination of the intergovernmental memorandum on gas affairs which can lay down in an agreement basis between Gazprom and Naftogazom - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has confirmed.

Putin has declared that despite disagreements of Kiev and Moscow in the politician, economic cooperation of Russia and Ukraine gains in strength: goods turnover in 2008 has increased by 54 % and already exceeds 25 billion dollars.

At negotiations questions of transit of gas to Europe through Ukraine were discussed, Yulia Timoshenko has confirmed. As she said, Europeans wait rhythmical transit of gas .

the reached arrangements " are very important; - lady JU

Vladimir Putin and Yulia Timoshenko has told communicated confidentially more than three hours, then negotiations in the expanded structure have begun.