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The pregnant woman has to death hammered in the mother

that evening 32 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Pahra Anna N situated near Moscow made on kitchen a supper to three children. The pregnant woman (Anna had a sixth month) stood at a plate when in kitchen has glanced it 67 - summer mum Olimpiada Petrovna. Having been lop-sided on the approximated stomach of the daughter, the pensioner zaprichitala:

- we will not support one more child. Make abortion, for the present not late. And a three - that to nurture it is normal you can not, where one more?
Anna has gritted teeth. Mother got this conversation not for the first time. It always came to an end with scandal - the daughter cried: I will not kill the kid! and at times with despair even rushed on mum with fists. Has not sustained Anna and this time - has struck not stopping mother backhand.
That has risen:

- has taken in head to Give birth? And has forgotten, how oldest daughter Anzhelinu three years ago to dogs has fed?! And to other children to you business is not present!
In eyes at Anna has darkened. Mother has struck on the patient, has reminded a terrifying story which has occurred in April, 2005. Anna then worked as the cleaner in a private cottage. On the next change took with itself 9 - a summer daughter of Anzhelinu. The girl, however, in a cottage has quickly missed and soon was requested home. Mother spent a daughter to a porch and, without having waited, while it leaves from a court yard, has returned to a private residence. The woman knew that the cottage is guarded by two German shepherds, but paternal - that has not thought that the small little girl for them - a stranger . Also did not see, how spiteful dogs have snatched on the child. Did not hear terrible shouts of the daughter - cleaned on the third floor.

the girl Torn to pieces by sheep-dogs has died of terrible wounds. Mother has found it some hours later when has finished work
Dogs then have lulled, Anna checked within the limits of criminal case - intended to involve for ostavlenie the child in danger. But proofs of fault of the woman have not found.
Anna tried to forget this nightmare, passed a rehabilitation course at the psychologist. And here now after words of mother all has returned again. Without remembering itself, Anna has seized mum by shoulders, has thrown about a floor. Beat hands, feet. On noise frightened children have come running, begged to release the grandmother. But Anna has stopped, only when the elderly woman has ceased to breathe. Has then changed clothes of mother for other clothes and has informed in Fast that she has died a natural death.

However opening has accurately shown - Olimpiadu Petrovnu have hammered to death (about it spoke numerous traumas). Anna have soon detained, against it the Investigatory department on Podolsk area at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on MO had been brought criminal case.
however the woman the fault has refused to recognise flatly. Assured that has only given mother a slap in the face to revive. But that ostensibly was already dead.

- Anna did not begin to arrest, - inspectors speak. - Only because it was pregnant. And now she has already given birth, and criminal case is suspended. It will renew, when to the child year will be executed.