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The fixed-route taxi « has turned over; Tiraspol - Pervomaisk ». 3 passengers - in resuscitation

In several kilometres from Tiraspol in have turned over a fixed-route taxi which came back in a city from settlement Pervomaisk.

17 - a local passenger minibus Mercedes - the Sprinter followed last vesper flight. In it 19 passengers went - two sat on added wooden seats.

the Driver of the car has told that for the speed about 80 km/ ch he has felt, as a back part of the car has started to bring. Having decided that has lowered a wheel, he has tried to dump speed.

After that the right back wheel has jumped aside, the car has tilted also an axis fragment has hooked on asphalt. The car has turned over sideways, was developed in other party and in such position slid, has not stopped yet.

As a result of failure 3 passengers have got serious traumas and have been delivered in resuscitation of clinical hospital by cars first aid . Now to their life threatens nothing. In total behind medical aid 9 persons were converted. Traumas of various severity level, bruises and grazes were received by almost all passengers.

According to preliminary data, failure has occurred from - for technical malfunctions of a minibus. Employees of GAI, having examined the flown away wheel, have found out that the disk from the inside was rusty and had a crack.

the Inspector on propaganda and propagation of Management of GAI   Alexander Moiseyev has told that the car should be checked every morning before an exit on a route, however it fast all has not been made. It has not excluded that rules of passage of checkup of fixed-route taxis in the near future will be toughened.

the Source: news agency New Region Dnestr region