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Orenburzhye grieves on victims of tragedy in Beljaevke

Today in Orengburgsky area Day of mourning for victims as a result of a school collapse in settlement Beljaevka is declared. Eleventh-graders Marina Martynovu, Zikiru Iskakovu, Svetu Moskalenko, and Gulnaz Shagvaleevu will wait a funeral today of Anju Ryvaevu.

As informs ITAR - the TASS, all expenses on burial were incurred by administration of the Orenburg region. To families of victims also will pay indemnification at a rate of 300 thousand roubles.

the Tragedy in small Beljaevke has occurred in stredu in the morning: having noticed cracks on walls, teachers did not begin to deduce children, and have simply reduced employment. As a result already at the begun evacuation concrete overlappings of the second and third floors under which five schoolgirls 11 " were lost have failed; And . Three More schoolgirls and the worker have got wounds. Class rukovoditelnitsa Marina Borodina could not transfer happened and the next night has committed suicide. At 43 - the summer teacher there were two sons.

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the Director of studies of school where under fragments children were lost, the Tragedy near Orenburg has committed suicide

: a crack have noticed since the morning, but lessons have not cancelled