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New musorki have appeared in the Find

In the Nahodkinsky motor car park of a special equipment of the enterprise the Pure city at last - that has arrived three modern musorovozki. They soon leave on a line and   will collect garbage from city containers and to bring for recycling on range. The enterprise has at once bought for the first time such lot of new modern special vehicles, now them became 13.

- the Volume of a body at each new garbage truck makes 22 cubic metre, - the chief engineer of the enterprise " has told; the Pure city Sergey TRYGUB. - they do not surpass the previous models In spaciousness. But in the new the form of the bunker which is made of integral sheet iron bolshej thickness is improved and the hydraulic system is modernised.    

Musorki have bought on tick at the official dealer of factory KamAz in Khabarovsk. Everyone has managed to the enterprise in two million roubles. However, the management is confident that such serious expenses of will justify. First of all, because new special vehicles can long work without zatratnogo repair.