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Vladimir Putin: Mazurik any has dragged off the plane

The day before, summing up three-hour negotiations, Vladimir Putin has expressed extreme concern in a present political line of official Kiev and spread hearings about Yulia Timoshenko arrangement to the Kremlin.

Much in a line of a political management of Ukraine disturbs us. It concerns, first of all, to a position of Ukraine across Georgia concerning South Ossetia. It concerns attempts to deform public history, attempts to rehabilitate those persons who in the Second World War co-operated with nazis, - quotes the prime minister RIA Novosti news agency .   - As to a hand of Moscow it is a known stamp. The hand of Moscow in working callosities of the Russian people - hardworking, and for many centuries confirmed that is the reliable partner. When I hear that our guest accuse of a poisoning, it is a waxworks exhibition any. It is very a pity to us that at such big European country political conflicts which do not allow to build the relation " do not stop in any way;.

Yulia Timoshenko, in turn, has complained about dirty political strike, having expressed hope of its fast termination.

Vladimir Putin and a question of deliveries of Georgia of the Ukrainian weapon has not ignored: could not be bolshego crimes before the people of Ukraine and Russia, than arms delivery in a conflict zone. Some years ago it was impossible and to assume that Russian and Ukrainians will war among themselves. Fighting complexes and people for murder of soldiers - the Russian people, and it for us a disturbing signal were used. If we find acknowledgement to it we in appropriate way will build contacts to those people which have made it. For the sake of what it has been made? For the sake of the Ukrainian people? What interests in it of the Ukrainian people? No, it is cheap politics, an irresponsible and harmful crime, a crime when the Russian and Ukrainian people " are pitted;.

Orange the guest in the estimations was where sderzhannee. I Think, such facts will not prove to be true. And only when we will have the facts then we will give estimations - has declared lady JU, underlining that to a verdict of the parliamentary commission to do any conclusions here prematurely.

Have told to Putin and about morning confusion at the airport of Borispol, in Timoshenko`s which course has lost the plane and has been urged to fly a charter flight.

Mazurik any has dragged off the plane - the prime minister has inserted.

Has dragged off premersky the plane not who other, as Victor Yushchenko who was late to Lvov from - for a crash landing of own liner. As informed unian, Yulia Timoshenko knew nothing about it, therefore off-schedule changes have called deep indignation of the prime minister. The first persons of the country at the same time were in the airport, however Timoshenko then did not begin to greet the president and   in a pointed manner   has gone to the Hall of official delegations.

we Will remind that the meeting main output in It is new - Ogarevo became memorandum signing on gas which becomes a basis of the new contract between Gazprom and Naftogazom . The price on blue fuel for Ukraine next year in the document it is not specified.

In a course   Timoshenko`s negotiations has expressed readiness of Ukraine to pass to market prices: it is known that Kiev hoped to pay in 2009 no more than 300 dollars for one thousand cubic metre (against present $179,5). In the meantime, head Gazprom Alexey Miller did not exclude rise in prices to 400 dollars.