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On weekend in Primorski Krai it will be solar

Yesterday to Primorski Krai the next cyclone has approached, the small rain which has extended on the edge most part at night in the afternoon has begun. Least a rain has got to the western areas, and in Hankajsky, Boundary and October its areas at all was not.

- Today the cyclone and the atmospheric front connected with it has moved on the east, the rain began to faint gradually, and in the western half of Primorski Krai was already cleared up, - the weather forecaster on duty Seaside gidromettsentra informs. - in the Evening the cyclone leaves to Tatar strait and rains in the east of edge will stop.

In the days off in Primorski Krai solar, warm weather with a light breeze will again be established. On the night of Sunday in continental areas of edge, except for coast, under influence antitsiklonalnogo weeding air it will be cooled and at daybreak the temperature will go down to 0, - 1. But it will be again warm in the afternoon.

- On Sunday evening on jugo - the edge West it becomes cloudy and there is a probability of a small rain, - the weather forecaster has noted. - on the night of Monday the rain will extend on a southern half of edge, including to Vladivostok.

Under preliminary forecasts of experts within the next week the temperature background will gradually go down, frosts to - 0 - 7 degrees, and in mountain areas to - 15, but at southern coast, including in   at night are expected; Vladivostok of frosts yet will not be.