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Tyumen « Gazovik » took a revenge in Chelyabinsk

the Second meeting in Chelyabinsk between a Mechel and Tyumen Gazovikom within the limits of open All-Russia competitions on hockey among commands of the higher league, as well as the first, has turned out strained. Only this time in a role catching up there were owners, and still unlike predyushchego the duel light on court of metallurgists (the Palace a training construction language does not turn to name) was not disconnected.

this duel is more active has begun Gazovik in which structure the five of Petera Yoberga was allocated. It also has opened the bill on 11 - j to minute, having realised numerical superiority. YOberg with Maxim Smelnitsky have left out of work defence juzhnouraltsev, and Sergey Brovin has finished efforts of partners. Has recouped a Mechel at game five on three. In the end of the first period at once two tjumentsa have broken rules, and one second prior to their exit on a platform already in the second 20 - mminutke Vladimir Vorontsov has restored balance.

But rejoiced cheljabintsy not for long - on 23 - j to minute of a meeting on a bench shtrafnikov the hockey player of owners, only visitors should go did not begin to shelve business. Igor Valeev who has jumped out instead of the goalkeeper used the postponed penalty.

Through seven and a half minutes tjumentsy have become successful, playing as a matter of fact in minority. Alexander Osipov with a washer was tore through rivals from the zone in another`s and has laid out it under a throw to Konstantin Baranovu. The forward straight off from a dark blue line has forwarded a rubber disk to a grid - 3:1 in advantage Gazovika . Just during this moment on a platform there was a fined hockey player of visitors.

In final 20 - minute Siberians have strictly played in defence, and goalkeeper George Sigale operated confidently. It has allowed tjumentsam to save victorious result, informs a site   HK Gazovik .

- There were two good commands, both matches have turned out interesting. We have asked the wards to operate in defence extremely simply and reliably, as a whole at them it has turned out. I want to note game of legionaries - goalkeeper George Sigale and tsentrforvarda Petera Yoberga. Last adds with each meeting and it is visible that it is the hockey player of high level. Disturbs that at quite good game we are brought frequently by two factors - a considerable quantity of removals and weak realisation of scoring chances, - has noted   head coach HK Gazovik Evgenie Zinovev.