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In Primorski Krai houses of debtors will heat badly

Before colds remains about 2 weeks, however not in all houses will appear warmly in time. To those consumers which have debts on teploenergii for last year, it is necessary pomerznut. The company Seaside thermal networks declared that a part of houses in Vladivostok, Arteme and Partizansk will connect in the latest turn, and that the temperature in their apartments hardly will exceed 18 degrees of heat.

- the Cumulative debt of inhabitants of the named cities makes for today 542 million roubles, - have told in a press - company service. - to Proceed so cannot further. Debts threaten reliability of a heat supply of all subscribers. Therefore Open Society management DGK the decision on the limited granting of services of heating to subscribers - to debtors has made.

That is, with cold season approach will become warmer in apartments at first at diligent consumers, but only then in houses - debtors. Besides, to the inhabitants of the houses who have saved up considerable debts, heating service will be given in the minimum volume.

- With ward of colds the temperature in apartments of defaulters will not rise above +18 degrees established by the law in the central and +20 degrees - in angular rooms, - have explained in Primteplosetjah. - And here at the expense of this restriction we will create more comfortable temperature mode in houses of serviceable payers.

In black lists the companies have already got 445 houses - 188 in Vladivostok, 227 in Arteme and 30 in Partizansk. The debt total sum for heat on them makes more than 131 million roubles. Those houses where more than 30 percent of inhabitants do not pay in the chronic for service have got to lists on restriction. Today inhabitants of such high-rise buildings have received the prevention from the company. Thus in the company do not speak and how to be to those people who regularly pay for heat, but by misfortune live in the house - the debtor. Probably it is necessary to suffer affliction it how to be told, for the company.