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The former goalkeeper Yaroslavl the Locomotive

Simeon Varlamov who has got over recently to the North America back will not return, for itself already all has solved. According to the young goalkeeper, it will precisely spend this season if not in NHL in AHL it is exact. Simeon will return to Yaroslavl, only if at all does not show due game, informs the Championship. ru.

Hundred percent. Certainly, I will achieve a place in structure. I have arrived here to play NHL, it is my dream, and AHL - a spare variant. Well and if I will get in farm, probably, because I have not got used yet to local boxes. Acclimatisation is necessary. I have already made decision to remain here and to achieve a place in structure even if first I will get in AHL. I know that here the first goalkeeper - Teodor, and the second - Johnson. It is a competition which to me should be passed. Any guarantees to me did not give. I - one of three young applicants to the place of the third goalkeeper. It is everything that I know. Leah I can return to Yaroslavl? Well, unless only if me absolutely zagnobjat, and I do not play here, in AHL. Then, certainly... - Varlamov has noted.