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In Sverdlovsk area victims of tyrants for days of a steel five children

For the past days in Average Ural Mountains militiamen have registered five cases of sexual violence over children.

- In most cases persons of tyrants have established, on a number of the facts   have got criminal cases, a little   suspects are already detained. Investigation is now conducted, - the chief has told a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh.

So,   yesterday in Chkalovsk area   in the street Krestinsky   the pervert has abuseed over 13 - the summer girl. As informs JustMedia violence   the pervert was not limited and, threatening with a knife, it   has taken away from the victim gold ornaments.   attacks on children   also have occurred   in Tagilstroevsky area of Nizhni Tagil, in village Korkino of the Turin area.

In Nizhni Tagil on Monday about 16 hours at school 24 in the street Ulyanovsk 16 - the summer teenager has abuseed over 9 - the summer boy. The senior pupil force has dragged the boy in a secluded corner. The Tagilstroevsky interdistrict investigatory department has got criminal case under article the Violent acts of sexual character made concerning the person, the obviously not reached fourteen-year age . Soon the pervert have detained.   the suffered fellow on interrogation has confidently identified the offender. The question on its arrest is now solved. According to inspectors,   the teenager lives with mother in a large family, studies in 9 class of boarding school, is characterised negatively and consists on the account in OVD Tagilstroevsky area of Nizhni Tagil.  

Materials of affairs have directed to Office of Public Prosecutor, with arrested persons investigatory actions are now spent. Militiamen   Find out, how much on their bill   similar crimes.