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Pitertsam have shown how to make apartment stylish

the Petersburg designers by common efforts have arranged 9 - room apartment, being guided by the newest fashionable tendencies of this autumn. you can look at shots of this beauty in our photo gallery.    

Rooms personify various ways of perception of life. Maxim Langueva had an original student`s bedroom with family sleeping on prikrovatnom a little table colour budilnichkov. And Andrey Dmitrys has thought up a drawing room for negligent - indifferent Onegina of 21 centuries.

Oksana Trofimenko together with Sergey Yerofeev have built a room in style of the vamp. Olga Stebakova and Elena Gamash, pronikshiesja nostalgia on the Soviet period, have opened a secret of kitchen of the Petersburg grandmother: Wattled a napkin hook, figured cloths, string-bags with canned food and room yarrows in a cache-pot cast desire to sit down with a cup of tea and to gossip for a while about that, about this.

One of designers - participants of an exhibition, Vyacheslav Homutov, has given some advice on entering into ordinary life of your dwelling of bright and modern strokes.

- Here, for example, model of a study for the business Petersburger. The main hit of this season - prevalence of natural materials and simple forms. The tree smelling as wood, very much calms in daily vanity. And strugannye the boards of the light tones which have been not painted with a varnish, leave sensation of your abiding in wood. Besides, the non-polluting raw materials beneficently influence atmosphere indoors.

it is necessary to give a lot of attention to a table choice. We have offered glass tables of simple geometrical forms. The round table calms, square introduces sensation of stability and stability. The table leg should be steel. It symbolises force and firmness of belief.

I would advise to Small office a fashionable stroke - a table in the form of a sphere. It is a decorative detail does not take a lot of place, but to decorate conditions it will help certainly.