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Predators have attacked the businessman with a hammer

Yesterday in Civil street in Moscow the predators armed with a hammer, have attacked the businessman. The bag with money which 43 - the summer man carried from office became the purpose of villains.

Around midday the businessman went on Civil street on a foreign car. He sat on a passenger place and held in a lap a bag. Suddenly the car blocked four unfamiliar and extremely resolutely set up people.

They   have broken glass of the car a hammer and have tried to pull out from hands of the businessman its valuable cargo.   the passenger of the car   the money did not want to leave, that is why predators had to knock some times him on the head, to hands and a shoulder. Then together with extraction they   have sat down in dark - green Nissan Almera and have left.

the Man has there and then called in militia and has told about the misfortune which has happened with it. In a city the plan " has been entered; Interception But without delay gangsters it was not possible to detain. Business has become complicated that the victim has not remembered number of the car of offenders.

As informs Interfax   itself   the businessman with a strong bruise   the left shoulder has been taken to hospital.