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From - for failures on the pipeline cars

have suffered Today`s night became very uneasy for is repair - emergency brigades. The Krasnoputilovsky street, about the house 73 has turned to similarity of a valley of geysers. About 11 nights people have noticed as from asphalt then steam streams there make the way. In some minutes from cracks and cracks hot water has rushed.

At once to a flood place automobile owners have rushed off, it very much has not carried to park for the night in this place. But it was possible to rescue the iron horses only at the cost of the life. It was necessary to look only as the car disappear in steam clubs. Without having sustained the sad show, one man nevertheless has rushed to the car, the result more than is pitiable - both technics has not rescued, and itself has suffered. At the fearless Petersburger burns of extremities.

Repair brigades have arrived on a place of accident in 23. 37, hot water at once have blocked. Has broken through a pipe in diameter 500милимметров.

- Now our employees change the hurt site, - have informed in a press - service У TGK - 1 У. - Works will come to the end to eight o`clock in the evening. Water delivery in buildings is carried out in a usual mode.