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Nizhegorodets has punished the drinking companion for impudence 18 blows of a stool on a head

that evening, on August, 24th, muzhiks which - as sgonoshili on alcohol. The collected means for decent binge did not suffice, therefore they have bought loson Trojar . A contained bottle akkurat sufficed on 50 gramme on the brother.

a bit later inhabitants of street Fighting about the house 17 have found a corpse of the unknown man with violent death signs.

on the given fact criminal case has been brought. And on suspicion in fulfilment of the given crime police officers have detained a certain Alexey who as it has appeared further, has beaten to death has beaten the drinking companion

- the arrested person has put to the Victim not less than 18 blows to the head a stool for impudence as he has explained, as that has alone drunk all loson, - has told - NN the Senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin area of Nizhni Novgorod.

During the investigation the person lost it was not possible to establish. Also relatives of the poor fellow were not found also.

and bodies of preliminary investigation have brought to Alexey accusation on which for fulfilment of the given crime to it threatens from 5 till 15 years of imprisonment as evil deed concerns a category especially heavy.  

on October, 31st this year business will be considered in court of Lenin area of Nizhni Novgorod.