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The militiaman has received half a year conditionally that the inhabitant of one of villages of Sarapulsky area has brought down the person

In the beginning of March came back home. Went on foot on a line. It was very windy. From - for blizzards further five metres it is visible nothing. And suddenly behind strong blow and it without consciousness falls to the ground. There it will lie about a half an hour. Many cars simply went round it, one has stopped only and has called first aid. Unfortunately, already in hospital the man has died. Doctors have made it the diagnosis: multiple fractures of a thorax and extremities, traumatic shock of heavy degree.
the originator have found only in two days. It has appeared it 32 - summer Alexey Lakomkin, the employee patrol - sentry duty of the Department of Internal Affairs across Sarapul and Sarapulsky area.
- this day it, its colleague and more their one companion came back from fishing, - Anatoly OZHGIHIN, the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Sarapulsky area tells. - as they said, they have noticed the man very much late. Have braked, but to avoid collision it was not possible.
Young men left the car, have looked at the person brought down by them and have left.
- I was frightened. Then it seemed to me that it is already dead, - Alexey on court justified.
the fault he did not recognise. The inspector had to spend set of examinations to prove its participation.
- at its car was the windshield is broken. There were characteristic damages by the car, - Michael FOFANOV, the inspector WITH tells at the Department of Internal Affairs across Sarapul and Sarapulsky area. - Besides, on glass have found a black rag. By means of examination have established that it was from a jacket of the victim.
only after all proofs resulted to it Alexey in all has confessed. At once it was discharged from office, behind it have dismissed also its colleague who during this moment was with it. That did not discredit official authority. On Alexey have got criminal case on 125 items of the criminal code of Russian Federation Ostavlenie in danger . the Person carrying epaulets, under militia laws should assist the helpless. And it besides that has brought down, so also has escaped.
- the defendant the fault recognised, and on court asked from its relatives of a pardon, - Anatoly Ozhgihin speaks. - He promised to them to compensate mental cruelty - 100 thousand roubles .
Term to Alexey of a distance - half a year is conditional. And here of a driving licence have not deprived.