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In Novosibirsk theft of money from a bank card

In Kalininsky area of Novosibirsk to detectives is opened it was possible to open one interesting theft. Even in the summer one 18 - summer novosibirets has lost the bank card which it held together with a leaf on which has been written down pin - a code. And just now it was possible to find out the person of the criminal.

- As it was found out later, theft was made were in that day on a visit by the man who has not failed to use good luck and has removed from a map of 100 thousand roubles, have told to us in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region. - the resourceful visitor has appeared 35 - summer earlier the offender for thefts by the citizen. The criminal and a victim lived nearby from each other, in the street the Teacher`s room. Now the suspect is detained, concerning it criminal case is brought.

the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs reminds that it is already far not the first case when the written down code of a bank card allows to be enriched instantly to any pilferer. Quite often a code store written down on a piece of paper in a purse or a notebook, and sometimes even draw on the map. It is enough of it to lose - and your money someone, most likely, will remove another. Therefore it is unique a certain way to save the accumulation - simply to remember four figures.