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In the Voronezh region grants for housing and communal services payment will pay money

Since January, 1st of this year in the mechanism of granting of grants there were changes: now grants are not subtracted from the sum specified in receipts, and paid in money terms, - informs a press - the secretary of Central administrative board of social development of the Voronezh region Nikolay KALUGIN.

to Inhabitants of the Voronezh region of a grant give, if expenses on payment of premises and utilities in the cumulative income of a family. Make 22 percent, for large families the threshold is lowered to 18 percent. For voronezhtsev this standard, at the expense of means of the city budget, is established at level of 18 percent, and for lonely pensioners - 15 percent.

the Sums of grants can be in the size from several roubles to full indemnification of payment housing - utilities. Besides, the size of a grant carries seasonal nature and depends on volume given housing - utilities for concrete month. In a cold season the grant sum reaches a maximum, and in the summer when expenses of a family on housing and communal services decrease, the size of a grant falls also. And if expenses at all reach to the standard of their as much as possible admissible share in family aggregate profits to pay a grant stop.

In process of increase of tariffs for housing and communal services the size of grants increases also.

On all questions of purpose and payment of grants in area areas it is possible to be converted into branches of Management of social protection of the population of the Voronezh region, and in areas of Voronezh - in departments on granting of housing grants:

Railway - Artamonov`s street, 32, bodies.: 21 - 37 - 18,

Kominternovsky - Lydia Rjabtsevoj`s street, 45, bodies.: 21 - 16 - 15,

Left-bank - Leninsky prospect, 6/ 2, bodies.: 20 - 71 - 03,

Lenin - Voroshilov`s street, 12, bodies.: 71 - 86 - 06,

Soviet - street of Heroes of Siberians, 39, bodies.: 25 - 72 - 64,

Central - street the Birchwood, 68, bodies.: 35 - 40 - 83.

At the reference behind a grant it is enough to show the passport and the inquiry on incomes. On their basis it will be possible to define, a leah is the basis for its purpose. If is, to the applicant hand over the list of the documents necessary for purpose and calculation of a grant.

the Grant is given for a period of half a year after which it will be necessary to declare again itself in body of social protection of the population.

In case of occurrence of complexities at the reference in regional branches it is possible to call experts of management of social protection of the population of the Voronezh region in phones: (4732 77 - 07 - 40 and (4732 77 - 20 - 25 .