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Cмолян do not let out abroad

According to court enforcement officers, this year the number of debtors has sharply increased. So, for example, last year 79 restrictions of the right of departure for country limits have been taken out only. While only for the first 6 months 2008 163 debtors have been discharged. And from July till September - already 206 decisions of the specified category with a total sum of debts on 76 699 roubles. In total for 2008 smoljane have run into debt 120 539 roubles.
some nevertheless had time to pay off debts before them have stopped on border. Eighty eight persons have returned 8287 roubles and now can go abroad easy.

- this year Smolensk court enforcement officers have well worked, therefore and such results in comparison with last year, - the chief specialist - expert UFSSP of Russia across the Smolensk region Alexander Nizovtsev tells. - Earlier to this line of activity it was given less attention, than now. And now our authorities use the best efforts to limit export of money resources from Russia. After all the person who has not paid taxes and is going to go abroad, it is possible to tell, takes out from the country money.