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Smoljane have won the Cup of Belarus on sprint

  Competitions proceeded three days: first two days sprint orientation was spent, and last day relay race of one participant has been made. In total about 500 sportsmen have arrived on the Belarus earth, including a national team of the Smolensk region.
the first day of competitions has brought three gold medals: Elena Gursky (age group - 14 years), Ekaterina ShCherbakova (18 years), Soloduhin Alexey (18 years). Next day Smolensk sprinters also have shown excellent results: Elena Gursky has taken the third place, Ekaterina ShCherbakova has won gold and Alexey Belsky became 16 years first among guys.
our sportsmen could not win first place in relay race of one participant, but have entered into a three of leaders. Silver in this kind of competitions took Elena Gursky, Alexey Belsky, Alexey Soloduhin, Ekaterina ShCherbakova. Bronze prize-winners became Arina Chernova and Oleg Getman in age group - 16 years.
sprinters have returned to a native city with medals, the reading and writing, valuable prizes and cups with symbolics of competitions.
according to Svetlana Dmitrochenkovoj, the head coach of a national team of the Smolensk region on sports orientation, smoljane have acted successfully. Especially it was last stage of the Cup of Belarus on sprint, that is high level competitions where any result is a step to new sports victories.