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GITIS celebrates 130 - letie

Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated today all who studied or taught in GITIS (now to the Russian academy of theatrical art), with an anniversary of this well-known drama school.

Within the precincts of GITIS brilliant actors, directors and the musicians who have got really a world fame studied. Here the collective of the perfect teachers, unboundedly betrayed to art " always worked; - quotes RIA News the congratulatory telegramme of the president.

GITIS has been based 130 years ago, on October, 22nd, 1878 when in Moscow has opened Music school for coming Shostakovsky under home nursing of the Society of fans of musical and drama art. For 130 years the well-known smithy of theatrical talents changed time and again the name.

at first it was musical - drama school at the Moscow philharmonic society. In the beginning of the last century the school became TSETETISom. In 30 - h years this difficult abbreviation was transformed to GITIS - the State institute of theatrical art. Now the institute became the Russian academy of theatrical art.

GITIS was finished by the most versatile actors who have become in a consequence by stars of a scene - from Mejerholda to Hazanova and Pugachevoj.