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In Krasnoyarsk two guys during fight have broken a pavilion show-window

Two Krasnoyarsk fighters has reconciled a joint offence. Friends have quarrelled at night in the street Voronova. Fight was fastened. In a heat one of guys has unintentionally struck an elbow on a show-window of flower pavilion. Glass has fallen, and guys have stopped in perplexity. On noise has jumped out the seller. In the meantime, fighters, having understood that business pahet kerosene have stopped passing car, have jumped in it and have left.

- the seller at this time already has had time to press the disturbing button - has informed the employee a press - groups of management of private security of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Krasnoyarsk region Oksana Pavlovsky. - less than in a minute the dress was on a place. The woman has explained that young men have disappeared on the car VAZ 21010 white colours. Also has specified a direction. Militiamen have immediately begun prosecution. Shortly they have overtaken the going in advance car. Offenders have been detained and delivered in a call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Soviet area. Now it are threatened with charge under article deliberate causing of a damage to property .