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Today India has started moon conquest

In India from the cosmodrome in staff of Andhra - Pradesh has been started today the lunar mission first in the history of the country. A probe CHandrajan - 1 will spend in an orbit of the Moon about two years, in this time he should create the detailed atlas of a lunar surface and to find out its chemical compound, informs Bi - Bi - Si .

CHandrajan - 1 - the first Indian space vehicle sent for limits of a terrestrial orbit. India which has spent for this program of 80 million of dollars, should become the third Asian country, after Japan and China which will conduct Moon research. Recently India, as well as China, very seriously undertook the space program and start of lunar mission is the extremely important step to its development.

According to the head of the Indian organisation of space researches of Madhavana Naira, probe sending to Mars can become following step of the organisation. Besides, head of Indian space has confirmed intention of the country to carry out till 2015 piloted flight in space. For this purpose Russia and India modernise the spaceship the Union .

the Government believes that similar projects favorably affect the international reputation of the country. Thus in India there is a weight of dissatisfied subjects that the authorities put huge means in development of space programs instead of directing these means for struggle against poverty.