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Water fence reconstruction will not be reflected in inhabitants of Tyumen

the Velizhansky water fence actively reconstructed. Necessity of carrying out of reconstruction it is called by intensive growth capital and housing construction in a city and accordingly increase of requirement for a water consumption. The Velizhansky water fence provides with potable water the Top pine forest, Cape, 1 and 2 Zarechnye mkrn, the Cape, etc.

the Water fence is constructed in 1971, but its reconstruction has begun only last five years. Water fence reconstruction is spent stage by stage under the complex program confirmed by the government of area, a city administration and the maintaining organisation of Open Company Tyumen the Water canal . It is calculated for three years.

As the deputy director regional GBU " has told; Management kommunalno - economic building Alexander Zarubin, now daily capacity of the Velizhansky water fence makes about 90 thousand Cubic metre a day, after reconstruction it will reach 200 thousand cubic metre. We will note, on the average the daily requirement of Tyumen for potable water makes about 240 cubic metre.

Now on the Velizhansky water fence reconstruction of the second turn obezzhelezivanija is completely finished. Last year it is put into operation. The third tank in volume of 10 thousand cubic metre is constructed, replacement water water of 5 km is spent by extent. Works on the device new and to a reorganisation of existing underground chinks are conducted. This year there are begun works on reconstruction of the pump station intended for uninterrupted water delivery tjumentsam. Replacement of existing pumps on new bolshej productivity with frequency regulation of electric motors is planned.

According to the head of department of an engineering infrastructure of department housing - the municipal policy of the Tyumen region of Igor Posohina, the Velizhansky water fence is more perspective, than Metelevsky because as a water source underground waters (here here act swing 80 chinks). On a Metelevsky water fence the river water which quality constantly changes arrives.

As to a head water fence which is on a grief in area Building - architectural university, it will deduce from work in parallel with escalating of capacities of the Metelevsky water fence. The head water fence works about 60 years, in this time it was never reconstructed. Especially after building around thermal power station DOCK - 3 capacities of a water fence will not suffice to provide that area neobhomym with water volume, informs Aloud. ru .

As Alexander Zarubin has underlined, water fence reconstruction will not be reflected in any way in inhabitants of Tyumen. Works are spent in a planned mode.