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Silly women disturb blind and Matvienko

This time at session of the city government has not carried to stands and curbstones on walking paths. It already the second stage of struggle for cleanliness city highways. Not so long ago under distribution massive publicity boards on highways have got. They were not pleasant the aesthetics. Now here has cunningly put and to smaller forms.

they prevent to move to blind Petersburgers on a city. And to able to see townspeople of special comfort at walking do not add.

- There is a blind person with a stick, he has already got used to the route, and this standing the silly woman to it disturbs, - did not hide Matvienko`s emotions. - sidewalks narrow, and curbstones with advertising stand directly in the middle. Yes there to two people not to disperse!

Considering what to mind to the mayor became nobody, it is possible to assume that is fast in Petersburg will begin mass zvchistka sidewalks from advertising curbstones.

Their owners while refuse comments. Assert only that all necessary papers at them are perfectly in order. But when it in our city was an obstacle? Documents were and at owners of garages, and at owners of stalls. And where their property now?