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To stand in presidents Kozulin yet has no right

- the Decree of its president (Kozulina - have released from punishment serving, but it at all does not mean that the previous conviction is removed from it, - has told and. An island of the head of department of the information and public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg SLEPCHENKO. -   In the certificate of pardon it was told nothing about clearing of a previous conviction.

in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have noted: pardon and an early release does not say that Kozulin is completely defensible.   thus, mister Kozulin cannot stand on the following presidential election as the previous conviction is not removed from it.

however, according to article 96 ch. 2 Criminal codes RB, Kozulin can count on previous conviction removal: On the basis of the certificate of pardon the person denounced for a crime, can be in full or in part released from punishment as the basic, and additional, or is released from punishment conditionally, or to such person not left part of punishment can be replaced by softer punishment, or to it the previous conviction " can be removed;. However, that it to make,   the president should sign one more decree.
  but the former candidate for presidents free can go abroad.
  - it is not present in lists not eligible to travel abroad because at present it not to be under examination and has no obligations to the state, - Oleg SLEPCHENKO has specified.

we Will remind, Alexander Kozulin has been sentenced on July, 13th, 2006 by the Minsk court to 5,5 years of imprisonment, and on August, 16th, 2008 has been had mercy by the president.