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In Solikamsk on theft two traffic polices have got - shnika

last week the inhabitant of Solikamsk has gone from village Zhulanovo in Tjulkino. The man was a little under hmelkom, without the rights, moreover and went on to Volga the friend, therefore, when   on wood road behind it the traffic police car, struhnul outright was attached. To begin with the driver has decided to make sure, a leah precisely this tail behind it: it was developed on 180 degrees and has gone in the opposite direction. It is white - the dark blue car was developed too.

Then the driver has increased speed. A few having come off persecutors, the man   has jumped out of the car and has jerked in wood. And here a door Volga has not had time to slam. Employees DSP have approached on car ownerlessly standing on road. But, instead of catching up disappeared the criminal they have got into salon of the car and have taken away from it a radio tape recorder, acoustics and a cellular telephone which the man has in a hurry forgotten to take away.

Of all this action from - for bushes observed become stupid from impudence of traffic police - nikov the driver. Itself has not given out, but about happened there and then has reported on the owner of a car. Together friends have gone to militia.

is a malfeasance we have opened in common with service of own security, - the head Solikamsk MRSO the SOU of Investigatory committee has informed Konstantin KIRIENKO, at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the Perm edge. - With otrudnikov traffic polices have interrogated, they admitted a criminal conduct, and have returned all stolen. Now against them criminal case upon theft and abusing official position is brought. Degree of their fault will solve court, it and will appoint punishment. On a broader scale for such crimes both of them can quite appear behind a lattice.

Now dishonest GAI officers are under a subscription about nevyezde, and here the question on discharge from a post is already almost solved.