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Militiamen tortured guys a current

Psychologists say that films where the river blood flows, and are cruelty,   are counter-indicative to children. But they influence not only not strong mentality of teenagers. Recently two Petersburg militiamen have got a false idea themselves whether gestapovtsami, whether great inquisitors, whether on a broader scale - the Saviors of mankind from ecumenical harm. In methods they did not hesitate.

65 departments of militia of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Kirov area together with the colleague - the second lieutenant of militia have started Operupolnomochennyj of criminal investigation department to beat out by all means grateful indications from the teenager whom have suspected of car theft. To begin with the guy have put on handcuffs.

- Well, you will speak or you will jump? - Militiamen have turned before a nose of the teenager elektroshokerom.

the Guy did not think that they really will apply it and continued to refuse. Then guards began to stick   shokerom to the guy in a chest and   in fingers of hands. The teenager writhed from a pain. But on the former refused from car theft.

- Here a young reptile! - have become angry militsonery. - Receive! - trace blows by fists and heavy boots fell down.

Next day the friend of the suffered guy whom as suspected of a carjack has undergone to the same procedure of interrogation also.

- Militiamen Potetinov and Farmanjan have exceeded the office powers, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the requirement of the Federal law of the Russian Federation About militia - are indignant in Office of Public Prosecutor of St.-Petersburg.

Business on werewolves in epaulets is directed to court. Now they should be responsible for games in Gestapo .