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In Kirov zakaznike the Bylina the mode of strict protection

In zakaznike " is entered; the Bylina Podosinovsky area have established a mode of strict protection, have told in regional management of preservation of the environment and wildlife management. Zakaznik federal value. A mode of special protection in territory natural zakaznika the Bylina have established to save rare and vanishing species of animals and plants which are brought in Red books of the Russian Federation and the Kirov region. The mode of special protection excludes carrying out of continuous cabins, and also limits lesohozjajstvennuju activity on sites where it can cause an irreplaceable damage to the nature.

In 2000 - 2007 in territory zakaznika works on flora and fauna inventory were spent, and also according to the ecological importance of separate natural complexes and objects. Have as a result allocated territories of the special nature protection importance. Scientific researches have shown that in territory zakaznika the Bylina - 10 kinds of the plants brought in the Red book of area and the country, 16 kinds of not trade animals brought in the regional Red book.

the Legislation on preservation of the environment and fauna forbids any activity which conducts to reduction of number of such plants and animals, worsens environment of their dwelling.