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For the first time for two years the dollar exchange rate has grown to 27 roubles

From - for hearings which were started by someone in a past week-end, in exchange offices during week-end and in the beginning of this week the excessive demand for dollars was observed. It or any other factors have affected and a dollar official rate to rouble, passes Echo Moscow .

some days the dollar continues to grow against euro falling. Today at the auctions by calculations for tomorrow at the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange (Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange) the dollar official rate has grown, at last, to   27 roubles. Last time such course was observed two years ago,   in the summer 2006 - go.

Today in the Moscow exchangers the prices from   were established; 27 roubles of 45 copecks for dollar (minimum) to 30 roubles for dollar (maximum).

Experts, however, name dollar growth by time rate fluctuation of currencies against world financial crisis.

As the dollar exchange rate will lead in our country to foretell now difficult - after all as we remember on crisis of 1998, speculative motives of interested parties can influence it.