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For armed assault on the taxi driver in Khabarovsk two minors

  are denounced;

In Khabarovsk have denounced two minors for armed assault on the taxi driver and stealing of its car which they have made in January of this year. The court has appointed accused punishment - 6 and 5 years of imprisonment. And also to everyone to compensate moral harm at a rate of 20 thousand roubles.

In January of this year in the street Aksyonova teenagers have stopped a taxi and have asked to take in village Ilyinka that near Khabarovsk, and back for 700 roubles. But, it having appeared in car salon, malefactors have attacked the driver with a knife. The wounded driver has managed to be turned out, jump out of salon and to run in first to it on a way the house, to call the fast.

Criminals have tried to disappear, but without skills of driving in the street Angular the car has brought. They have left for limits of road and ran into a heap of fire wood. Thieves have thrown a taxi, and have moved on foot further, having taken with itself phone, a cap and taksistskie shashechki.

Police officers have detained friends in Southern microdistrict. It was senseless to open, and 17 - summer malefactors in all have confessed. Besides, at one of them the knife which they have wounded the taxi driver has been found.

the Court has appointed accused punishment in the form of imprisonment. Young men in an educational colony will serve the sentence. Informs news agency REGNUM