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As it became known news agency 24. kg from sources in the government House, one of these days addressed to premieres - the minister the frightening information has arrived. The flour imported from China, according to preliminary data local experts, is infected by especially dangerous quarantine wrecker - kaprovym a bug. It bears in herself threat for life of people and food security.


the bug is considered Kaprovyj one of the most dangerous wreckers of grain and various products of its processing. First of all it infects crushing shops of flour-grinding factories and storehouse of eating stocks. Products to which the wrecker gets, become after a while unsuitable for use in food for the person and even for a cattle forage. They turn in poisonous poroshkoobraznuju weight from excrement, the rests of a forage and lichinochnyh skins.


According to some information, kaprovyj the bug is found out by experts of the Ministry rural, a water management and process industry KR at carrying out of examination of the flour imported from the Peoples Republic of China. In particular, parties in volume in 116 tons. It by then, according to sources, had time to transport on large local melkombinat. Now its warehouses need disinfecting.


However, the most terrible that a flour in which the wrecker has been found out, it is supposed to direct to needy families and to the State reserve. Moreover, the preliminary analysis of the same party has shown that in it the mix gljutamina with melaminom is found out. Last is synthetic substance which has already led to a poisoning of tens thousand persons in the same China, number of children who have suffered from the use of dairy production with the maintenance of this chemical, has exceeded 50 thousand. Four from them were lost. About 100 children are in a critical status.


At the same time only in June - July, 2008 in the State reserve of Kyrgyzstan has arrived over 1,2 thousand tons of a flour of manufacture of the Peoples Republic of China. Arrival from China 1 thousand more tons in the near future is expected. Local gurus find it difficult to define precisely contamination and impurity of an import flour from - for absence of the modern equipment. Examination abroad where it was supposed to direct samples of the flour imported into Kyrgyzstan can give the exact answer. However while it is not known, a leah it has been made, and if yes, what results.


As it became known news agency 24. kg from the same sources in the government House, Ministry of Agriculture KR has tried to insist on an interdiction of realisation of the Chinese flour to the population. The prime minister - to the minister has offered a number of urgent measures. Among them - destruction of last party of a flour in full - 116 tons. Maintenance of food security demands taboo introduction on import of any eating production and ware with the maintenance melamina, and also strengthening of fytosanitory control on border.


To head of the government Igor Chudinovu, at the same time, have suggested to dispose about return to the Peoples Republic of China before the imported parties of a flour. But that the cabinet about it while it is not known


In the meantime occurrence possibility in the market of Kyrgyzstan of the infected and polluted flour any more does not surprise even the director of National institute of standards and metrology of KR Patidina Atahanova. In republics NISM, we will remind, earlier carried out research, laboratory and expert analyses of almost all production let out by all branches in KR or imported on territory of the country.


Patidin Atahanov has informed news agency 24. kg that else in 2007 the country government the decision has cancelled obligatory certification of all kinds of foodstuff, ware, clothes, including on presence melamina. As he said, for last incomplete three years it has directed to the government and to the president of the country of 42 corresponding letters, underlining, what threat contains in import of infected production and than to us confusion in the state supervision can turn back.


Melamin contains not only in milk, dairy products or in a flour, - the director of National institute of standards and metrology KR explains. - Unfair manufacturers add it and by ware manufacture, for example, or clothes, including children`s Kurmanbek Bakiev at whom I not once was on reception on this disturbing question, all understands. However at executive power level all goes down on brakes .


Today we should ascertain that the balance between inquiries consumers and the purposes of manufacturers of the goods to get profit at any cost is broken, - Patidin Atahanov underlines. - Revealing of the fact of the infected flour auknetsja to us irreversible consequences. It is necessary to undertake urgently adequate measures not to admit tragedy .


the Head of profile department has noticed that all it is favourable, when anybody for what does not respond . Under its data, the laboratories, called to reveal harmful and life-threatening the person of substance, are at many departments, including the ministries rural, a water management and process industry, public health services, economic development. However any of structures actually does not bear any responsibility and in case of revealing of threats of ability to live of the person and animals, and in case of them not detection.


Rescue rolling, as usual, remains business only rolling?