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Exhibition in « Floors » This exhibition has thrown down a challenge to the selling world

became original the answer to the thrown glove one Petersburg magazine in which name the irrepressible passion to purchases is clearly read. Artists of a city have been offended by moods of low instincts that the magazine sowed in vigorous weights of readers. They have decided to organise an exhibition on which everyone will bring that he would like to buy.

action has received the Name too otvetno - impudent - All on sale . Participants have presented on some works. Basically, it is pictures. However there are also installations. For example, Gljuklja and the Heron (pair of creators under amusing pseudonyms) have made super - a man`s jacket and super - a female dress.

As to painting here has not done without known names. Timur Novikova`s work Start and the Photo of Guryanov have drawn the general attention. Especial sjurrealistichnoj tenderness impregnates Maria Dmitrievoj`s picture expensive Weber .   It   sneers at what life is completely given shopping.   on a plot   only ridiculous suits are blown by a breeze in the empty car of the underground,   yes the laughing girls showing the underwear without all constraint, and   around...   show-windows, show-windows, show-windows. Here they, these   faceless these the silly glass walls, pasted over with bright price lists, here, in these pictures. Each exhibit especial,   and together they represent all dissonant, but unanimous speech about neprodazhnosti true art and imperishability of world values.

- I will not undertake to judge the creativity, - the curator and the participant of an exhibition Irina Kuksenajte tells, - But among works of my colleagues here is presented a lot of interesting and intriguing. For example, Approach to the Infanta Belkin it is not characteristic for painting of this artist. However, in it so much the latent secret, touching dynamics a miniature that by this work it is impossible to pass. And similar pictures the set here is presented. It is necessary to peer

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