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The dangerous recidivist has gone mad on a socialist realism

the Arrested person last week especially dangerous recidivist Ramiza Pulieva have arrested. The gangster suspect of extortion of 500 thousand dollars at the doctor of Aleksandrovsky hospital. In apartment of the healthy fellow with 23 - the summer prison experience have pulled out drugs and art subjects. And all was so much that employees UBOP have spent for the inventory some days.

as soon as ubopovtsy have started to check an antiquarian collection of Pulieva, left on loud theft of August of last year. 12 numbers from workshops of the union of artists of Russia on Sand quay have taken out four pictures of the Lion of the Pilgrim and six - Peter Buchkina. The pilgrim drew in Soviet period, is known for monumental cloths. It the Kuibyshev HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION is under construction too has come into the hands to gangsters - to collectors.

Puliev, seemingly, on a broader scale loved the Soviet union. Its children have cleaned workshops in style of a domestic film Old men - robbers . Have simply entered in clothes of ancillary workers into a premise and have pulled out, ostensibly on restoration, pictures on 12 million roubles.

Proprietors of other valuable things are established.