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The president of Moldova has learnt about actions which will be spent in a Year of youth

the Minister of education and youth Larissa Shavga has presented the information on introduction of the Program of the actions devoted to Year of youth. She has told already about the executed actions and about what are spent now, and also planned to realisation till the end of this year.

as she said, 82 % of the planned actions are already executed or carried out. So, from 55 youth of actions planned within the limits of Year, 19   are realised completely, including on them corresponding decisions and statutory acts are made; 26 actions are carried out now; and seven more prepare for carrying out in November - December.

among executed it is necessary to note the measures directed on expansion of access to education at the expense of increase at 30 % of quantity of the state grants in the higher and average special educational institutions; Start of the Program of economic support of the youth providing,   mainly, granting of the young financial and technical help for development of own business; realisation of the program of employment of youth; actions on encouragement and motivating of students for the purpose of achievement of successes for what the medal " has been founded; Pentru excelenta ( For difference ) Also a number scientifically - educational actions for youth is organised; carrying out of sports competitions; measures of social support, including increase of grants for children and young men -   orphans and the initiative of the president about amnesty of some categories of prisoners of young age; youth attraction to socially - to cultural dialogue with participation of representatives of both coast of Dnestr and so forth

the Head of the state has estimated a course of introduction of the Program of the actions devoted to Year of youth, and has noted importance of successful performance of all its points. Especially the president has insisted on necessity to finish work on projects standard and acts in the field of the youth which working out has begun this year.

among   urgent problems which should be executed with a view of youth support, are named increase of grants by the pupil of professional educational institutions of all levels; The position statement about training with financing from the budget on a competitive basis depending on results of academic year; the project statement about granting of free habitation to the young experts working in countryside.

Having concerned everyone   actions, Vladimir Voronin has paid attention that it is necessary for profile structures to concentrate the efforts to working out of the national program of development of an infrastructure of student`s hostels according to the most advanced standards in this area.

for simplification of employment of young men the president has underlined importance of creation of the national centre of informing of youth about a labour market. In such centre of the young man and the girl can receive the helpful information, assistance in a choice of the optimum decision for employment will appear it.

the Head of the state has supported more active and transparent structural dialogue between bodies of the central public management and young men for   studying of aspirations of young men, definitions of efficiency of a youth policy. Thereupon the idea to organise a video conference of premieres - Zynaida Grechannoj`s minister with pupils of educational institutions from various settlements of the country has been offered. The purpose of such action - to discuss most acute problems of rural youth, including a course of realisation of presidential program SALT at rural schools.   the offer also has sounded to spend on places zone cabinet councils of the ministers devoted to problems of youth in corresponding regions.

Vladimir Voronin has demanded to submit data on conducting by young men of business within the limits of the National program of economic support of youth.   the head of the state has noted   Importance of rendering to young businessmen   supports not only in   opening of own business, but also in   its successful development.

the president has especially insisted on necessity of advancement among youth of a healthy way of life and has paid attention to a role of mass-media in informing of young generation on such problems, as   a narcotism, infectious diseases and so forth

Vladimir Voronin   has concerned and   importance   the organisations up to the mark the Forum of youth of the CIS which will pass in capital of our country in December. In this context   the president has reminded that according to the decision of the Bishkek summit of the CIS 2009   year is declared in the Commonwealth of Independent States by Year of youth, thus, Moldova has a possibility   to share with other CIS countries a private experience of the organisation of the actions devoted to youth.

till the end of 2008   Year process of reconstruction of the capital Republican centre for children and youth which becomes establishment of out-of-school education of the European type, called to provide versatile development of children and youth should come to the end.

celebrations which become finishing action of Year of youth,   will take place in the end of December not only in Kishinev, but also in all areas of the country. Vladimir Voronin has demanded to develop the special plan of the organisation of actions for a case of end of Year of youth in all territory of the country. And till that time in capital will pass the National forum of youth. It is planned on 20 - on November, 21st.

according to the president, it is important to provide long term and sequence of actions for support of the youth, begun in this year. In this sense necessity of carrying out of the analysis of a course of performance of the Program of the actions devoted to Year of youth was underlined to develop stable decisions. They should be   are aimed   on revealing of problems which young men face, and should be reflected in annual state budgets. The revealed problems and ways of their decision will be included in Youth strategy on 2009 - 2013. This document becomes a basis of a youth policy on prospect.

till the end of 2008 the National commission on carrying out of the actions devoted to Year of youth, will gather for sessions two more times.