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Threatening to blow up the plane the offender, mentally abnormal passenger Oleg Vasjanovich who threatened to blow up today the plane of flight Adler - Moscow threatens from 4 till 8 years of prison

Earlier and demanded to turn the liner to Vienna, is detained and neutralised. Now it gives evidences, informs Echo Moscow .

the Passenger acting with threats, is detained by special services - the representative of FSB has declared.

Sources in law enforcement bodies assert that the situation by the plane was is taken under control in air during flight. The person of the raged passenger has been established at once as soon as it became known about state of emergency.

the Originator of incident - the drunk passenger who has arranged plane capture - the source has told.

it became known Later that this person was earlier we judge for murder, informs RIA News .

He is Vasjanovich Oleg Anatolevich, 1975 year of birth, earlier made grave crime - murder. As a result of examination has been recognised by mentally abnormal and it is sent on treatment - the representative of FSB has told.

Under the specified data, for a lawlessness onboard the Boeing to Oleg Vasjanovichu threatens from four to eight   years of deprivation are free. However, not clearly, a leah recognises its court again deranged and not responsible for the acts.

Onboard grasped the plane there were 130 persons - passengers and crewmen, have informed in the company Skye the Express train to which posesses the plane.

In 18. 05 Moscow time the liner has landed in Vnukovo. Passengers are interrogated now by employees of special services.

Airport Vnukovo works in the usual mode, all flights are carried out under the schedule.